The mission of Colorado State University is to set the standard for public research institutions in teaching, research, service and extension for the benefit of the people of Colorado, the United States and the world. This website was created to give CSU students, university employees and Colorado citizens easy access to comprehensive data and reports from the university and to serve as a one-stop source for information that can be used to evaluate the progress of CSU toward achieving its goals. By creating a clearinghouse of vital data, Colorado State demonstrates its firmly held commitment as a public institution to transparency and accountability.

Fiscal Accountability

Annual Financial Accountability Report

Colorado State University publishes an annual Financial Accountability Report to provide easy access to audited financial statements, along with summary information on areas of specific concern to Colorado State’s constituents.

Included in the reports:

  • Cost to students
  • Revenue sources and trends
  • Expenditures and trends
  • State support
  • Assets and liabilities
  • Institutional overview

Financial Data in the Factbook

Related information is also available in the Factbook published by the Office of Institutional Research. For example:

  • Financial aid awarded to students (in millions)
  • University net private support
  • History of revenue per student FTE
  • History of financial environment

Financial Transparency Report

The Financial Transparency Report provides information about the resources available to the University and how these resources are deployed in meeting the University’s tri-part mission.

College and Division Operating Budget Summaries

More Documents and Resources